The Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park is a small, but charming zoo located in the heart of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Despite its size, the zoo offers visitors a unique and educational experience, with a variety of exhibits featuring animals from around the world.

One of the most popular exhibits at the Chattanooga Zoo is the Himalayan Passage, which features red pandas and snow leopards. This exhibit replicates the mountainous terrain of the Himalayas and allows visitors to see these rare and endangered animals up close. Another popular exhibit is Gombe Forest, which is home to chimpanzees and features a replica of the Gombe Stream Research Centre in Tanzania, where famous primatologist Jane Goodall conducted groundbreaking research on chimpanzee behavior.

The zoo also has exhibits featuring animals native to North and South America, including jaguars, anteaters, and alligators. Visitors can also see a variety of birds, reptiles, and small mammals in the zoo’s aviary and reptile house.

One of the things that makes the Chattanooga Zoo unique is its focus on conservation and education. The zoo partners with several conservation organizations, including the Snow Leopard Trust and the Jane Goodall Institute, to help protect endangered species and their habitats. The zoo also offers a variety of educational programs, including field trips, summer camps, and animal encounters, that teach visitors about animal behavior, conservation, and ecology. Don’t forget to check out Lookout Mountain Incline Railway, too.

In addition to its animal exhibits and educational programs, the Chattanooga Zoo also offers several special events throughout the year. These include holiday-themed events, like Boo in the Zoo and Holidaze at the Zoo, as well as special animal encounters and behind-the-scenes tours.

The Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park is a great destination for families, animal lovers, and anyone interested in learning more about wildlife conservation. Its focus on education and conservation, combined with its unique exhibits and special events, make it a must-visit attraction in Chattanooga. If you are in need of a general contractor, click here.

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