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Inevitably, there comes a point where every homeowner must commit to a certain degree of outdoor housework. Sometimes the housework might be maintenance-focused, while other times it might be about full-scale upgrades. If you aren’t in the home improvement business, you might not know when you should schedule these kinds of services. Fortunately, we are here to explain the best time of year for all of your housework needs!
Why Does The Season Matter?
The season can play a large role in the success of your housework, even when it isn’t that obvious. While most of us can understand why we might not want to have people fixing our roof during the icy seasons, it can get less clear during milder seasons. Many people assume that summer is a perfect time, but that really might not be true depending on your area.
Beyond ensuring that the season is convenient for the teams that you work with, the season can influence scheduling and effectiveness. Some seasons are more prone to inclement weather, even if it is irregular. This can lead to canceled appointments and wasted appointments entirely depending on what you want to have done.
The Power of Spring Housework
Though the seasonal appropriateness of your housework might vary in your area, spring is often the best season for outdoor housework. After winter, the home is more likely to look dirty or have taken on damage. This makes it important to get the right maintenance handled as soon as winter has passed. It is a good time to power wash the house or consider adding on new additions. But, if you live in an area prone to rainy springs, you might want to look closer to summer as well.
In addition to cleaning up the damage of a cruel winter, spring is able to offer good conditions for workers. So many people make the mistake of assuming that summer is the best time of year, but this isn’t always true for workers. Most of us would feel a bit sluggish while sitting on a rooftop in blistering heat during summer. For many teams, this can slow the process down. The weather in spring is often warm enough to work in but cool enough to not overheat.
What Kind of Housework Does This Cover?
Housework and its needs can vary. In general, popular outdoor housework covers roofing, remodels, power washing, and more. Even landscaping and driveway maintenance are best handled in spring, particularly towards the end of the season.
When choosing a season for your outside housework, always be realistic. The right time isn’t necessarily something that can be chosen by a specific date on the calendar. Sometimes spring has snow and cold. Sometimes it can bring rain. Pay attention to the weather and work with your home improvement team to find the best possible time for your area in particular. You’ll be glad when the work is done efficiently, scheduled easily, and has incredible results. When in doubt, consider calling them early to find out what the best time is for your neighborhood. It really can help!

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