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The kitchen is a space of love, bonding, and fun. For this reason, so many designers are working hard to inspire everyday kitchen lovers to shake things up—and with good reason! Upgrading the flooring in your kitchen can really help your kitchen to look more modern and fun so you will love spending time in it. If you have been thinking of trading out your dingy old floors for something new, look no further. We’ve brought you this how-to guide to make choosing the right floors a breeze!
Select Flooring By Design
Focusing on the overall design of your floors is a great place to start. Do you want something simple and understated? Are you looking for something bold and daring? Consider your vision for the kitchen as a whole. What colors are present in your kitchen—and what colors do you want to be present down the line? Choose a design that matches the overall look of your kitchen whether it is by focusing on a specific color scheme or pattern. Don’t be afraid to try something bold. You deserve that picture-perfect kitchen!
Focus On Durability
Durability is incredibly important in the kitchen, particularly if you have pets or children. Unfortunately, not all floors are equally durable. If you are really concerned about the kind of damage that your flooring might take, you’ll want to look for durable flooring instead of something stylish. The last thing that you want is red-stained grout from a juice spill or a vinyl floor that is scratched to pieces by your beloved dog. Your kitchen floor should be durable enough to support your family and lifestyle, so consider this when you see that heart-stopping flooring option.
Check Your Budget
Your budget can play the biggest role when it comes to choosing the right flooring. Some floors, like true hardwood floors, are incredibly pricey. However, vinyl and other materials can give the appearance of hardwood floors at a much more affordable price point. Before you dive into your redesign, take some time to truly figure out what your budget is. More often than not, you can start here to filter out your flooring options, which will give you a much more manageable list. Just don’t forget to consider the price of the install if you don’t plan on doing it yourself!
Our floors keep our kitchen looking great and feeling great too. Since so many of us spend time in our kitchen every day, we all deserve something that will suit our needs. Start by looking at the options available for your budget and work from there. Your ultimate goal will be to find something affordable, reasonably durable, and incredibly stylish. The kitchen is a bold and empowering space, so don’t hesitate to get those eye-catching floors. If you want a kitchen that looks like it was made to be on Pinterest, you can have one. The right floor can transform a kitchen entirely!

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