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The bedroom is a room that so many of us don’t think of when we consider flooring. In most cases, this is because we are so used to seeing the typical card flooring often shown in suburban homes, but the reality is that you can have any kind of flooring in your bedroom—and some of them have great benefits! In this post, we are going to breakdown some of your bedroom flooring options and what they might mean for you.
Decide What Matters To You
Every single one of us has personal preferences when it comes to flooring, even if we don’t realize it. Some of us are obsessed with hardwood floors, while others love the soft comfort of carpet. Before you choose to change up your bedroom, think about what really matters to you. If you want flooring that is easy to clean and wash, hard surfaces can be a great choice. However, if you are all about continuous comfort, carpet might be a better choice for you. Start by deciding on a basic style of flooring—but make sure you consider your options!
Consider Design Elements
Sometimes, we forget how versatile materials can be. For some people, the idea of having hard floors in the bedroom is unimaginable. The most common reason? No one wants cold feet in the morning—but remember, this is completely optional. A hard floor can easily be dressed up with a warm and comfortable rug. Not only will this protect your feet, but it can add an incredible design touch that you will fall in love with.
Maybe you think that you would rather go with carpet—that’s just fine too. With carpet, you have plenty of options. Do you want something smooth and resistant to stains so you can enjoy a glass of wine care-free in bed? Are you more interested in a plush carpet that will really feel great when you hop out of bed in the morning? Great! You have options.
Consider Color Scheme
Flooring comes in a wide range of colors, even if you go with a simple category. While you can certainly get that basic neutral wood color or a simple off-white carpet, you can also really use flooring to dress up your bedroom. Don’t limit yourself. Look at all of the fun color schemes available and use them to build your dream room. This is your private space, so don’t hesitate to dress it up and make it yours!
So many people miss out on an amazing design opportunity because they don’t consider their bedroom flooring. At the end of the day, your bedroom is your space. You can make it look straight out of a magazine with red hardwood floors—or turn it into a plush paradise with some amazing carpet. Think about what feels right to you. When in doubt, stick with something neutral to make changing up your room easy. Be open to thinking outside of the box!

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