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Every summer, people all around the world enjoy spending time out on their decks. A deck can provide a wonderful seating area during nice weather. It might be a spot where memories are made, like a family barbecue—or it might just be where you lie down to tan before you head to the pool! More than anything, a deck is an accessory for your home, which means you want it to look nice. In this post, we will talk about the best ways to find a good stain color for your home.

Consider Your House ColorThe color of your house will almost always be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a stain. If you have a vibrant blue house, a red-stained deck might be a bit of an eye-sore—both for you and your neighbors. Focus on the color of your house and find a deck stain that really suits the color scheme that you already have in place. In many cases, staining your deck with a color in the same family as your house paint can have incredible effects.

Focus On The LandscapeYour landscape can play a huge role in helping you to decide on a color for your deck, particularly if you garden. So many people get away with beautiful and vibrant decks because they have gardens and yards to match. While you won’t want to rely on this completely because many yard features disappear during colder seasons, this can really help you accessorize your home with your deck. What color scheme is in place in your yard already? Focus on the colors in your yard and choose a stain that will work well with it!

Do A Test PatchBefore you ever commit to a stain choice, it is crucial to do a test patch. Some woods will take on staining differently depending on their material and color. To avoid ending up with a deck that looks nothing like what you expected, consider taking the time to run a few tests. When you see them on the deck itself, you will have a much easier time deciding which one is right for you. It’s the ultimate way to pick the perfect color every time so you never end up regretting your choice!

ConclusionA nicely stained deck can leave your neighbors envying your house for years to come, so choose a color that is right for your house. Remember, your house is unique. The stain that your neighbors used might not be the best choice—even if it looks amazing on their house. Before you act, choose a few general options that might be nice and test them out. More often than not, one of the samples will stick out to you and make the choice easy. When in doubt, focus on a neutral color scheme to keep your house looking good for years to come!

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