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Painting is a great way to instantly boost the general appearance of a room, but it can be pretty difficult to decide on a color. If you have been thinking about repainting your kitchen but aren’t quite sure where to start, you’re in good company. Most people agonize over what color to paint a room next—it is difficult to decide! Since so many people struggle with this, we wanted to put together a list of easy ways to choose the right paint color for your kitchen. Read on to learn more!

Use Your Flooring For Reference
Flooring can play a huge role in determining what kind of paint you use, particularly if you have a bold color or pattern in place. It is much easier to paint a room than to install new floors, which is why you really want to take a look at what you already have—or what you’re planning to add in! Choose a paint color that will help your floors to stand out. Whether it is sticking with a neutral color to balance intense floors or adding a pop of color to bring more life to the kitchen, floors really matter.

Focus On The Cabinets
Cabinets are another part of the kitchen that can really affect how your paint job looks. Kitchen cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes they can really determine how your paint job will work out. Before you even consider grabbing a new can of paint, bring a paint swatch and place it next to your cabinets. Some cabinets have underlying colors that can be influenced by the colors you choose, so make sure it remains neutral. You don’t want your brown cabinets looking green because of a blue kitchen paint job!

Consider Future Redesigns
Some of us like to design more than others—and this group really needs to consider the paint that they use. If you are always changing the look of your kitchen, neutral colors will be your friend. With neutral colors, you can change your kitchen with every season simply by altering the accents and decorations in the space. This is a great option for those people who just can’t stand to look at the same old boring kitchen every single day. It is also a truly cost-effective solution for those who want the option to redesign later on a much lower budget.

​Painting your kitchen is a really great way to add a little something extra special to your kitchen. With the right paint job, you can brighten a room, clean a space up, and add a little burst of joy. Before you commit to any specific color, make sure you bring in some swatches or do a few paint tests to ensure that the color is right for you and your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to try something new either. It can be a lot of fun—and you might find yourself enjoying your kitchen a lot more!

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