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Fantastic Bathroom Vanity Ideas to Choose From

Luxury bathroom interior with blue dual vanity.

Though sometimes underappreciated, the bathroom is a central fixture of any home. It’s a room you use every day and one likely to be utilized by any guests you have. While some homeowners focus on the aesthetics of the living room or bedroom, having a comfortable yet appealing bathroom is vital.

If you want to upgrade your bathroom and give it the look it deserves, a stylish bathroom vanity is the way to go. Whether it’s a specialized color scheme, storage setup, or sleek mirrors and sinks, the potential bathroom vanity ideas are endless. With a bathroom vanity, you have the freedom to create a unique design with a personality that fits you. 

With so many different types of bathroom vanities circulating, it can be challenging to know where to start. To help you take that first step, we’ve put together a list of fantastic bathroom vanity ideas to consider. Keep reading for some inspiration in creating your dream bathroom vanity.

Floating Vanity Designs

floating vanity in smaller bathroom

A popular modern look, floating vanity designs are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Floating vanities stick out from the wall and leave space between the floor and the bottom of the cabinets or sink, creating the illusion of extra space. You can pair a floating vanity with a unique backdrop for extra flare.

If you’re looking for other pieces to complement your floating vanity, you can add baskets and bins for extra storage. To stay with the off-the-ground theme, you can mount cabinets to hold your toiletries.

Vessel Sinks

Consider installing a vessel sink to avoid water drip or spray onto your countertops. Vessel sinks have giant rims that keep water from your faucet contained within the sink. These additions are practical while creating a sleek and modern aesthetic for your bathroom vanity.

Vessel sinks are a perfect idea for a powder room. The bowl-like features will ensure that your family and guests make less of a mess. As one of the first accessible rooms in your home, it’s vital to keep your powder room as clean as possible.

You can pair your vessel sink with natural stone or concrete countertops and wood cabinets to maximize the modern style of your bathroom vanity. Marble countertops or other stone tops and a vessel sink will protect the teak or hardwood cabinets from water damage.

Double Sink Vanities

For your master bedroom, double sink vanities are the perfect look. You can play with ideal symmetry with double sinks to add balance to the bathroom. At the same time, the double vanity allows two people to personalize what they keep within the cabinets.

Perfect spacing of the mirrors and sinks within the double vanity is crucial for a symmetrical aesthetic. The double sink vanity also allows you to design your bathroom in a modern or more classical style. With two sinks, you’ll likely also have a tremendous amount of counter space to keep any toiletries.

Colored Vanities

Black Vanities

Black vanities are perfect for those who want versatility with their vanity and the rest of the bathroom. Black bathroom vanities can complement just about any theme. Adding lighting fixtures can further make the black vanity pop.

White Vanities

A bright, white bathroom vanity

White vanities are just as versatile as black ones. However, rather than the sleek, eye-catching look, white vanities give off a clean, natural, and airy aesthetic.

Blue Vanities

While a blue vanity can be the right choice for a couple of different types of homes, it goes exceptionally well with waterfront properties. Both navy and light blue vanities can complement the water and give the bathroom a natural feel.

Dark Brown Vanities

Dark brown is a color that works well with modern vanities. If your home is already in a contemporary style, dark brown vanities can perfectly complement the clean look. Modern lighting and tidy storage go well with a dark brown vanity; however, there are endless dark brown vanity bathroom ideas.

Dark Brown Vanity Bathroom Ideas

Aside from fitting in a modern home, dark brown vanities can come in a few other styles, including antique and rustic. Depending on the cabinets and other furniture in the bathroom, dark brown natural wood can be perfect for antique and rustic looks.

Freestanding Style Vanities

White bathroom design with pedestal sink

Freestanding style vanities can be an excellent look for any bathroom. If you’re lacking space, a slim pedestal sink will take up little room and won’t make you feel cramped. You can customize a more oversized freestanding vanity to fit your style and personality if you have more space.

Other Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Other than centering your bathroom vanity around the sink or a color scheme, you can choose to highlight another feature. Some more bathroom vanity ideas include:

●       Cabinet-central vanities: Focusing on the cabinets allows for maximum storage space. Cabinets that meet the ground on all sides are a traditional look.

●       Furniture-central vanities: Having a furniture piece as the main point of your vanity creates an elegant and almost Victorian aesthetic. You’ll still have plenty of storage with a furniture-style vanity.

●       Mirror-central vanities: If you have a large mirror, you could choose to make it the focal point of your vanity. In addition, the reflection of a large mirror will help give the bathroom a more spacious feel.

●       Themed vanities: For a house on the shore or out in the country, marina and farmhouse themes could be perfect. A themed vanity immerses you and your guests.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas in Tennessee

If it seems like there are too many vanity styles and options to choose from, you can always seek advice from home remodelers. The bathroom remodeling experts at The Jack of All Trades have experience with a plethora of bathrooms and can recommend bathroom vanity ideas that can perfectly complement your home. Our home remodeling services will provide you with an outline that best suits your bathroom but allows you to personalize your space.

For more bathroom vanity ideas and expert home remodeling, contact The Jack of All Trades today on our contact page! Let us transform your bathroom into a small piece of luxury.

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