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Open floor plans are all the rage in home design and there are plenty of reasons for it. If you have been debating opening up your room with a remodel, we have good news: a lot of people are. Open floor plans are known for their unmistakable beauty, but that isn’t all that they are known for. In this post, we will break down the true benefits of an open floor plan in your home!
You Can Set Your Own Boundaries
The best part of open floor plans is the fact that they let you truly set your own boundaries. An open layout means that you can choose where the different portions of your room start and end. Do you want a small dining room and a huge living room? Great. You can use your rugs and furniture to set the boundaries of each section, giving you complete creative control.
They Make The Space Look Bigger
Open floor plans are notorious for the effect they have on room size. An open floor plan allows the room to really breathe. Generally, these floorplans look bigger and more open, which can be especially great if you are dealing with a small space. They allow you to see your room for all of its potential and a lot of people like that.
It Allows For Design Changes
Open floor plans are very accommodating for people who like to constantly rearrange their rooms. Some of us just love to change things up and these floorplans are great for it because they allow you to easily redefine your room on a regular basis. Not only can you change the boundaries of a room, but you can also move items around more easily. Moving and designing in an open floor plan is much easier than navigating hidden walls or winding hallways. These designs are very forgiving and can make it easy to keep changing things up.
It Is Easier To Navigate
With an open floor plan, navigating is almost too easy. Since there aren’t any walls or structures besides your own furniture, you can make your own walkways. So many people opt for a remodel because they simply don’t like a part of their home design. Open floor plans let you choose exactly where you want every part of a room to be. This can be particularly helpful when it comes to children or pets, who are known to run through a space. With an open design, you can give everyone the exact amount of space that they need.
The truth is that open floor plans are a modern solution for an age-old problem. If you want to take complete control of a space, this is a floor plan you should consider. While they might look bare at first, when you add your own personal design touch to an open floor plan, you will realize just how powerful of a change it is. There are plenty of ways to accommodate your personal preferences with this kind of layout and since they are a modern style of design, they can also help with your home’s overall value too!

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