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Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors: What’s On Trend?

White painted vanity

Perhaps you’re renovating an older property or want the perfect look and feel for your new home in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In either case, choosing the right color schemes, materials, and furniture makes all the difference.

In this blog, we talk about factors all homeowners should consider when choosing bathroom vanity paint colors. We’ll also cover some trendy color choices to help you create the look you want in your bathroom spaces.

Benefits of Painting Your Bathroom Vanity and Fixtures

Many homeowners want to update their bathrooms. However, they may hesitate over budget concerns and time limitations.

Rejuvenating a bathroom can be as easy as changing the color of your vanity and bathroom fixtures. By repainting your bathroom vanity, walls, or fixtures, you can:

  • Cover old scuffs, scratches, or marks
  • Completely change the color scheme of your space
  • Brighten old or faded colors
  • Save money and time compared to a whole bathroom renovation

You deserve to live and thrive in comfortable, beautiful spaces no matter your budget.

Things to Consider Before Painting Your Bathroom Vanity

Blue bathroom vanity

Ready to get started on your bathroom renovation? It’s essential to arm yourself with knowledge before and during your design process. Our guide below will help you make informed material, color, and purchase decisions for your project.

Planning for Your Color Scheme

When redesigning indoor spaces, most homeowners begin with a vision. Picture your perfect bathroom, and ask yourself what colors you see. Chances are, there’s a paint color to match them.

If you feel stuck on which colors to choose, consider using a complementary color scheme. Complementary colors sit opposite one another on the color wheel. So, take a look at an in-depth color wheel and assess the pairings you find.

Paint Types Matter

Homeowners often purchase their own materials for projects. They hope to save money on material costs and get their perfect color. When buying paint for your bathroom vanity, choosing the right type of paint can spare you frustration, unnecessary expenses, and undesirable results.

Choosing the right type of paint may seem challenging at first. The types of paint for home interiors include:

  • Oil-based paints
  • Latex paints
  • Acrylic paints
  • Other specialty home paints

You should also consider the surfaces you plan to cover with the paint you choose. Ensure that the target surface and the paint you select are compatible for long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing results.

You can also get recommendations from experts in Chattanooga, Tennessee on the best paint types for your bathroom vanity, walls, and other surfaces.

Know Your Finishes

Bathroom vanity painted dark brown

Choose the right paint finish to get the ideal result. Available finishes include:

  • Eggshell
  • Semigloss
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Gloss

Budget for Quality

Remember that quality paint delivers quality results. What’s more, famous and successful brands can offer a wide selection of paint colors. When choosing your bathroom vanity paint colors, consider the brands below.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore & Co., in business for over one hundred years, offers a variety of fade-resistant and splatter-proof paints. They have tailored each line to suit various applications around the home.

Benjamin Moore & Co. offers the Regal and Aura series, two extremely durable interior paint formulas. The company offers budget-friendly paints as well.


Owned and operated in America for over 150 years, Sherwin-Williams now works as a global leader in residential and commercial paint and coating products. Their most durable lines, Duration and Emerald, stand as some of the industry’s longest-lasting and most reliable paints.


For homeowners in Chattanooga, Tennessee with a more conservative budget, Behr paints provide excellent coverage at consumer-friendly prices. Rated as the best value by Consumer Reports, Behr’s flat and matte interior paints scored top marks in their respective categories.

Gorgeous and Trendy Ideas for Bathroom Vanity Paint Colors

Bathroom vanity white gray cabinets and white countertop

Need inspiration for your bathroom makeover? Look no further! Below you’ll find examples of fantastic bathroom vanity paint colors to suit any homeowner’s tastes.

#1: Tiffany Blue and White

Want a classic color combination with a light, airy feel? Consider painting your bathroom vanity and fixtures a gentle Tiffany blue.

Choose bright white walls to make these elements pop. Or, you can swap the colors out for a bolder result.

#2: High-Contrast Black and White

Vanity with black cabinets and granite top

Draw attention to your bathroom vanity with high contrast. For an especially dramatic statement, utilize your white bathroom walls to accentuate matte or semigloss black paint.

#3: Navy Blue

Navy blue provides a classic choice for homeowners interested in a stately bathroom atmosphere. Navy blue pairs well with white or gold-yellow walls, completing the luxurious look. Alternatively, opt for a navy frame with white cabinets for boosted contrast.

#4: Chalk Paint

If you want to make your indoor spaces more kid-friendly, consider using chalk paint. When applied as bathroom vanity paint, colors such as matte black or myrtle green provide bold statements. Chalk paints also stand up to dings and scuffs and can be drawn on, unlike other paints.

#5: Sage Green

Sage green vanity

To create a zen-like atmosphere, consider gentle hues like sage green. This soft green imbues an air of vibrancy and calm to any indoor space. Pair with white walls and natural wood accents to complete the feel.

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