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15 Inspiring Bathroom Tile Ideas

Are you looking for a few bathroom tile ideas for your remodeling project? Then explore these inspiring ideas to find the patterned tile of your dreams.

Popular Types of Tile for Your Bathroom

Bathroom with hexagonal tile walls

Before we dive into the most popular tile arrangement styles, let’s look at some of the various types of tiles that you can bring into your bathroom. Each tile material offers different benefits and potential drawbacks depending on its final placement.

●       Ceramic – cost-effective and durable tiles available in numerous colors and textures

●       Porcelain – low maintenance but is often more expensive

●       Concrete – some styles may be porous but generally long-lasting

●       Glass – nonporous, easy to clean, prone to scratching

●       Marble – a beautiful material that can be porous and difficult to clean

●       Vinyl – affordable and easy to clean, can be prone to damage

Bathroom wall and floor tiles are available in other materials as well as thousands of patterns and sizes to accommodate almost every budget and style preference. You can also consider colorful grout options to further customize your bathroom tile according to your preferred aesthetic.

Fabulous Bathroom Floor Tiles

Marble bathroom floor tile

Are you wondering which style of tile is best for remodeling your bathroom? Are you looking for a few ideas to help you visualize your remodeling project? Consider the following floor tile ideas to help you put together a detailed vision.


Marble bathroom floor tiles are a long-standing favorite for creating a luxurious bathroom. You can experiment with different sizes and shapes of tiles and contrast the color or vein direction by selecting unique cuts of marble.


This wide-spanning tile style commonly exudes warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere for you to enjoy. Numerous patterns and color choices can complement a Southwestern theme while still being easy to clean and affordable.


The all-white bathroom is growing in popularity for its super sleek aesthetic and elegant vibe. You can change this style up with your favorite color and even select a couple of adjacent tones to make monochromatic work in your favor.

 Maximum Impact

You might only think of tile as the simple three-inch by three-inch squares your grandparents had in their bathroom. Nowadays, you can find oversized tiles in various shapes and materials to boost the visual impact in your bathroom.

 Minimum Aesthetic

Perhaps you prefer the idea of micro-sized tiles to bring eye-catching details to your bathing domain. You can select tiles that are less than one inch in size to bring this vision to life.

Create an Unforgettable Accent Wall

Bathroom with large beige tile walls

If you’re curious about bringing even more tile into your remodeling plan, consider tiling your bathroom wall. Tiled bathrooms can become breathtaking when you consider installing these accent wall bathroom tile ideas.


Checkered tiles are a classic tile design that you can enjoy in your private bath. You can opt for a single line of checkered tiles around the shower or bathtub or extend your checkered flooring up one of the walls for a more unique look.


While natural brick isn’t the ideal choice for the typical bathroom, you can invest in look-alike tiles that copy the tones and textures of brick. This tile style is a fantastic idea if you are looking for an urban feel without the extra upkeep.


Maybe you find vintage tiles that fuse the past with the present more interesting. Depending on your tastes, you can find delicate and artistic designs that catch your eye or incorporate antique tiles into a central point of interest.


Thanks to continual innovations in the color industry, you can find tiles of nearly every material in a full spectrum of colors. Consider ceramic tile in complementary color schemes or high-contrast patterns to highlight your home’s style.

 Wood Tile

You can choose authentic-looking faux wood tiles if you’re looking for a more natural vibe for your bathroom. Consider experimenting with various designs to explore different grains and color saturations.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Showers

Don’t forget about your shower area when you remodel your bathroom. A unique bathroom tile design can make an astounding difference in your walk-in shower. Consider the following ideas to boost the aesthetic of your shower or bath area.

 High Contrast

You can let your shower blend in with your bathroom or use a high-contrast tile design to set it apart from the rest. There are many high-contrast tile designs that are perfect for framing your favorite features in the room.


Mosaic tile designs are an excellent choice for creative types that love the eclectic aesthetic. You can choose multiple types of tiles and tile finishes to completely customize your shower or bath area.

Mix & Match Tile Sizes

Are you looking for something dramatic but clean? Consider mixing and matching different tile sizes to accentuate the shower or bathtub area. The visual effect is truly stunning without being overwhelming in detail.


You don’t have to stick with squares and rectangles when picking a new type of tile for your bathroom. Try the hexagonal cut tile in little or big dashes across the room for a striking visual impact in your home’s bathroom.

 Matte or Shine

Many popular tile materials are typically available in a glazed or glossy finish, but you can find a few subtle matte finishes. Consider this subdued finish if you want to avoid the high gloss look in your in-home bathroom retreat.

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