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14 Best Master Bathroom Ideas For Your Bathroom Project

Bathroom with many modern master bathroom ideas

Planning a home improvement project is an exciting endeavor, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. When it comes to finding master bathroom ideas, the possibilities are endless. 

Your master bathroom can be more than a place to shower. With the right appliances and color schemes, you can turn your bathroom into an at-home spa experience. Below are 14 master bathroom ideas to consider for your next home improvement project: 

1.    Free-standing Bathtub

Nothing says modern, like a free-standing bathtub for a new bathroom design. Free-standing tubs are growing in popularity due to their unique placement and aesthetic. Additionally, free-standing tubs tend to be larger than traditional built-in tubs, giving you space to enjoy a luxurious bath. 

2.    Marble Walk-In Shower

Marble walk-in shower

Marble is a popular material for modern bathroom designs. All white marble creates a uniquely pristine look with a touch of luxury, as do the benefits that come with a walk-in shower.

Placing marble in your walk-in shower can turn a typical shower into a luxurious experience. An all-white marble pairs well with various colors and shower fixtures, making it easy to customize according to your tastes. 

3.    Floating Vanity

Are you looking for contemporary master bathroom ideas? Consider a floating vanity. 

Floating vanities are customizable and fully functional. With a unique wall-mounted design, you can create a custom look for your bathroom along with endless faucet and sink design options. 

One of the benefits of a floating vanity is that it gives you additional floor storage and allows you to be creative with your bathroom layout. You can customize your storage from shelving to drawers while making your entire bathroom easier to clean!

4.    Handheld Shower Head

Handheld shower head

Handheld showerheads are growing in popularity for various reasons. For one, handheld showerheads give you more control over your shower water by allowing you to detach the head from the wall. In addition, Its removable feature makes it easier to rinse your hair, wash a pet, clean the shower, and more!

In addition, many showerheads come in a two-in-one design, meaning you can detach the handheld portion of the showerhead while the stationary part stays mounted in place. Two-in-one showerheads use a unique double-spray design to deliver impressive water pressure and a relaxing rainfall. 

5.    Matte Black Fixtures

Matte black fixtures for your sink, tub, and shower create a classic look with a modern touch. They offer a sleek style ideal for any contemporary bathroom or farmhouse design. 

Not only do matte black fixtures create a timeless look, but their dark color makes them resistant to spots and discoloration. Black is also a universal color that pairs well with any color scheme or bathroom design. 

6.    Rain Shower Head

Rain shower head

One of the top trending master bathroom ideas is adding a rainfall showerhead. Large shower heads that create a rainfall-like experience can turn any average shower into a relaxing and zen experience. 

Rain showerheads are available in various sizes, colors, and shapes to fit nearly every bathroom layout. The possibilities are endless, from round shower heads with a detachable component to oversized rainfall showerheads in the ceiling. 

7.    Fireplace in the Bathroom

Although most homes have a fireplace in the living room, adding one to your master bathroom can create an unparalleled spa-like experience. 

Placing an electric fireplace by your bathtub can promote deep relaxation and make you feel like you’re away on vacation. However, it is crucial to remember that most building codes require about three feet between a fireplace and combustible items. 

8.    Double Vanity

Bathroom with double vanity

Incorporating a double vanity into your master bathroom is an excellent idea if you share your bathroom with someone else. Double vanity makes it easy for two people to get ready for the day by housing two sinks and additional counter space. 

In addition, you can boost your bathroom’s overall aesthetic by adding decorative scones or items above the vanity. 

9.    Marble Floor Tile

Your bathroom’s tile floor doesn’t have to be more functional than beautiful. Marble is a beautiful material that can take your master bathroom’s aesthetic to the next level. 

A white marble floor tile can turn your bathroom into an at-home spa. Keep your marble looking pristine by using proper sealing and maintenance. 

10. In-Home Sauna

High end bathroom with at-home sauna

Nothing says rest and relaxation like a sauna. Adding an in-home sauna can transform your bathroom into a convenient spa. By using glass to enclose the sauna, you can create a seamless and luxurious look. 

For additional relaxation, consider adding a whirlpool bathtub. Adding a state-of-the-art whirlpool tub and sauna can turn your master bathroom into a place of tranquility. 

11. Mood Lighting

Mood lighting doesn’t just have to be in your home theater or dining room. For example, adding mood lighting around your vanity mirror or the edges of your bathroom can create an ambiance unlike any other. 

Glossy tiles make an excellent pairing option as they will create gentle reflections that can make your bathroom a luxurious escape. 

12. Dual Shower Head

Dual shower head

A dual shower head creates optimum water pressure and a tranquil cascading effect. Dual or multiple shower heads are ideal for large showers but work for nearly any bathroom layout. 

For additional versatility, you can mix up your shower head designs. From fixed rainfall showerheads to detachable ones, you can make the most out of your home’s shower by incorporating a dual or multiple showerheads design. 

13. Coordinating Tile Floor and Shower

Matching your tile floor to the shower creates an open and welcoming space. From neutral gray tones to white marble, various tiles to choose from can make a uniform and luxurious style. 

14. Minimalist Design

Minimalism is a long-standing design concept that many homes continue to incorporate. For example, a minimalist bathroom uses only essential materials and fixtures to create a simple yet elegant look.

A minimalistic layout often consists of neutral tones with an occasional pop of color.

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